Friday, October 21, 2005

FEMA photo: I-10 "Twin Span" bridge repaired

From FEMA:
Slidell, LA, October 14, 2005 - One of the workers for Boh Bros. Construction Co. watches traffic cross for the first time at the reopening of the I-10 "Twin-Span" Bridge. This Louisiana based company repaired the bridge damage caused by Hurricane Katrina in record time with no injuries 17 days ahead of schedule. Robert Kaufmann/FEMA
Other Katrina-related photos from FEMA can be found here; most do not appear to be copyrighted.

You can search by "disaster declaration numbers." The numbers for Katrina are 1603 (LA), 1604 (MI), 1605 (AL), 1602 (FL); those for Rita are 1606 (TX) and 1607 (LA). Oddly, this photo was classified under 1607 (LA-Rita) for some reason; I found it while searching for "Katrina" related photos by text rather than disaster number.


Blogger N888 - MSBCS said...

"do not appear to be copyrighted"

'copyrighting' is sadly done automatically in this twisted place.

One must declare one's work as "Public Domain" to undo all crazy automatic sharing restrictions, or simply intellectual property fantasies altogether as "public-sharing" information with a prove-to-me-who-the-owner-is-and-then-I'll-care attitude.

Some choose somewhere in the middle with "some rights reserved" labels, but I think that is really a smokescreen to keep the half-wit lawyers happy until everyone realizes that owning information is just plain silly.

PEACE :-) N888
Ntriple8, not just from the street, from the Inter-State
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