Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Marcel Kollar: lost then found

Marcel spent 4 days with approximately 18 of his family members on Interstate 10 in New Orleans waiting for evacuation rescue after the Hurricane. On or around September 4, 2005, Marcel was airlifted off I-10 with his grandson Peter Colar and flown to New Orleans' Louis Armstrong International Airport. On that day, he was wearing blue jean shorts and a white and gray shirt.

Marcel was severly dehydrated and agitated. At the time of evacuation, he was yelling out the names of his family members. He was sedated by medical personnel at the airport and placed on another helicopter for transport. We believe that it was a National Guard helicopter however we cannot confirm this for a fact. Helicopter personnel would not allow Peter to go with Marcel nor could they tell Peter where they were taking him. Peter was able to give helicopter personnel Marcel's information however Marcel did not have any sort of identification or contact information on his person at the time of evacuation.
Update as of 9/22/2005:
Marcel has spoken with his family, he's in a nursing home in Texas and he is doing well. He will be reunited with his family soon.

Thank you to everyone who has assisted us in finding Marcel. The Colar Family truly appreciates it.

Thank you God for keeping us all safe.


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