Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Major Ed Bush, Louisiana National Guard, Superdome

Major Bush is a public affairs officer with the Louisiana National Guard unit who was at the Superdome for 8 days after Katrina made landfall. Speaking with Matt Welch ( Reason Magazine --Echo Chamber in the Superdome: A Louisiana National Guardsman explains how he dealt with false rumors being piped into Ground Zero of Hurricane Katrina), he dispelled the that a helicopter was shot at, and spoke at length about rumor control inside the Dome. He ends with these comments:
But New Orleans, I guess my last point is, I kind of feel upset. Because I have some pictures of a Dad reading stories to his kid. I have a picture of a lady who—I don't know what the hell she was thinking when she brought it—but she brought her clown suit, and make-up, and she's in full clown garb, and she's got a wig on, and a nose and everything, and she sat there for days and painted kids' faces all day long. I have 20 amazing stories of people taking care of each other for every one incident of someone stealing, or someone taking somebody's stuff, or someone trying to get into somebody else's business, or someone laying their hands on somebody.

New Orleanians have been kind of cheated, because now everybody thinks that they just turned to animals, and that there was complete lawlessness and utter abandon, when that wasn't the case. Because if there was, we would have completely lost control of the Dome. And we never did. People just kind of hung on, through the heat and through everything, until they got on a bus and left.
Usually no major media reports are collected here unless they are mainly in the voice of the eyewitness. This story qualifies, I think.


Blogger tiffanymarie said...

Dear Thomas,
what Major Bush has said may be true but in the end no matter how happy and well behaved people were in the superdome, he still punished us all in the end for the looting and chaos. You may think of him as a hero and a patriot but I think of him as a person I am wishing for karma to soon inflict it's wrath upon him for the things he has done to me and New Orleans. I was sheltered in the superdome for three days and he wasnt in contact with the victims until the last two days where his cruelty and the cruelty of his unit changed the towns people's opinions and he is one of the main reasons more than a third of the population arent moving back.

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