Thursday, September 29, 2005

Bunny Bread

This was taken from the website, which includes personal accounts of victims of the hurricanes. It struck a chord in me as the storyteller speaks about Bunny Bread, a gooey-white staple of my childhood in Louisiana...

Virginia Fernandez of Kenner writes:

I got the last loaf of Bunny bread at Wal-Mart the other day, the first one I've seen since I evacuated to Houston for Katrina. No one did a double take as I cradled that loaf of Bunny at Walmart and almost cried. As much as I was grateful for Houston's hospitality, I ached for what I consider my New Orleans . . . a big sloppy roast beef po-boy with fries stuck in it; seeing the streetcars rattle by as I chow down at Lebanon's Café; taking a walk at Lafraniere Park and watching the ducks paddle in that grody lagoon; going to the French Market to get some cheap sunglasses; taking a cruise down Lakeshore Drive with all the rollerbladers and joggers in the other lane. Even my evening commute to UNO on the 610 to Elysian Fields is gone for now. When I smelled that wonderful aroma of Bunny Bread, it brought New Orleans all back to me. It's ours, it's unique, and no one else will understand! I'm never going to take our city for granted ever again. Born & raised, forever, loving New Orleans.


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