Thursday, September 22, 2005

se7en: Cleaning up

The power is on:
Made it into the house yesterday and it's quite a mess. The water level inside was only about 2 to 3 ft but the water has soaked into the walls several feet higher than that. The big oak in the backyard is indeed leaning against the back of the house, causing a considerable amount of damage to the roof in several places, and rain is able to leak down all the way to the lower floor. A branch was thru my bedroom window, it had broken thru from top to bottom and destroyed the window frame. It was kinda fun to stand on top of my bed with a chainsaw to cut the branches back that were sticking thru. Then I pulled a small sheet of plywood out of the attic and used my bed as a workbench to trim it with the chainsaw to fit the window frame and screwed it to the window frame, weeee!! Who knew it could be so much fun to use a chainsaw indoors!! The glass had shattered all over the room and debris and leaves have been blowing in for the past couple weeks, LOL

Amazingly both of my main PC's still work and booted up just fine, I haven't had a chance to check the other two though, maybe today. The cable is down so I have no 'net connection there, I'm blogging from a family friends house a few miles away. We will be staying here for a short time, how long is anybody's guess. The lower floor is disgustingly filthy, the smell was overwhelming and there is shitloads of mold and mildew covering everything. I was able to get the A/C running, one of the main fans was frozen. A little persuasion in the right place and I was able to get it going. It's been running all night, hopefully when we go there today it won't smell as bad and a lot of the moisture will be removed.


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