Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Joshua Cousin - Note From The Book

Note From The Book:
Ofcourse You all Know by now that my blog was featured on CNN as the Katrina survivor blogging direct from the Astrodome. We'll Here's My Storm Story REVISED for the ones who missed it... or atleast want to know more than what was told the last time. [...]

When the morning came it was a big lack of coast guards but they kept yelling"400 more are on the way" which was a lie. there were a few guards and the rest were The neighborhood rescue team We ate chicken and some of our found floating goods until they came to rescue us. They got our 2nd Neigbors First, Then my next door neighbors.. Then it was our time.

We had to slide down the poles to get on the boat because the waters were high and were said to get 9 feet higher. This is when I asked the guard where He came from. He told me that he came from Miami. which was so great because they were hit by the storm also. so we commend him for his efforts. :) . we got on the interstate to find out that Those Black hawks were there to bring food, water & also bring us to saftey. Those MRE's were Great.

We had to sleep on the interstate for 2 nights straight untill our squad of 50 had to load the buses. We got on those buses & were relieved. We finaly were able to get some Cool air and to sit down and not be hurting from the concrete like on the interstate. the bad part is that we had to leave our pets.

Riding Through the city was a Mess though. It was a big heartbreak for us. Our Whole Neigborhood was flooded... We thought we were in high waters in the hood; These houses were under water, some were even blown away from their foundations. If you looked to the left The waters were high. but looking to the right the waters were higher.
(Via Ernie the Attorney.) Joshua is now living at the Reliant Arena in Houston.


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