Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Looking for Grand-daughter (Yahoo! Message Boards)

Yahoo! Message Boards, Katrina - New Orleans, LA:
Grand-daughter; Tia Meleane Ann Banks, DOB:01-04-1995, Last known address is 4229 Mendez St, N.O., LA, May be with her dad; Derrick James Banks, DOB:12-30-1972, same last known address. any one knowing the whereabouts of these two please connect me at carr_gerald@hotmail.com or gmcarr@sbcglobal.net. Or Tia's mother at gcarr_unisd@hotmail.com. We both have been checking every site since the day after the hurricane Katrina went through the New Orleans area. Mother and Grand-mother is very worried in San Diego, CA. When conacting us please leave name and a means to contact yourself or Tia.
This is one of 4418 messages currently on the Yahoo! Katrina-New Orleans board; there are numerous other message boards for the entire region affected by Hurricane Katrina.


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