Monday, October 03, 2005

LACDL Inmate Tracking Blog

On 9-26-05 Phyllis Mann provided the following table for evacuated inmates held at Angola – Rodeo

Louisiana State Penitentiary (Rodeo) - Evacuated Inmates EMERGENCY LIST - COMPILED Verified against OPP and Jefferson lists

Alexander, Dave
Misd - pre-trial

Arrest 8-4-05 on charge of begging [...]
From "LACDL Inmate Tracking Blog", set up to assist LACDL, LIDAB, and LAPDA efforts to track inmates evacuated during Hurricane Katrina. From "How to use this blog":
If you are an Attorney assisting in this effort please forward the following information for each facility where you obtain inmate Tracking information to Elton B. Richey Jr. at

1. Name and location of the facility that was visited
2. Name(s) of the lawyers who visited the facility
3. When the inmate tracking information was obtained
4. Names of the inmates and DOC number or pseudo numbers if possible [...]

As inmates are moved we can then note these changes in the comment section of the post for that facility, assuming we are notified of those changes. If you have questions Email Me!


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