Thursday, October 20, 2005

David Wade CC inmate's wife

A comment at "The Katrina Briefs" blog mentioned here on October 7:
My husband was an inmate in the Jefferson Parish prison who was initially sent to Jena - a trip that lasted 13.5 hrs and included no food, no water, a brief period of the driver being lost and no bathroom breaks. He is African-American and tells me in great detail the horrors to which he was subjected. He was one of those subsequently moved to David Wade CC. I know he was interviewed by an attorney there.

I am repulsed at the idea that the DOCs solution was to move the offending (i.e. black) prisoners to another facility. Why are the corrections officers, both from LA and otherwise, not facing sanctions and criminal charges.

I have called the DOC secretary's office repeatedly and I know they are tired of hearing from me. Their rebuttal is that this is all related to 'alleged abuse'. Guess what?? My husband is in jail because of an alleged crime!! I can't believe that in this time of crisis, no consideration is being given on the basis of whether the inmate is convicted or accused. My husband was a working, tax paying citizen prior to his arrest and quite frankly - his family needs him now more than ever!

I hope the horrible details of this abuse are made public and I am looking for assistance from anyone. Evacuated inmates not convicted are being denied access to counsel. HELP US.
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