Thursday, September 07, 2006

October 16, 2005

One week. 6 days in ERVs. Just as I’ve gotten to know folks, they are leaving. It was a very good day---2 runs to an assisted living home and a needy neighborhood. Happy people, so happy to see us. So many “God blesses” and I really love these people. They are truly a breed apart.
I’m tired and sick. Yes, sick, I admit it. My throat has been sore since last Thursday, and the infection in my chest/head keeps getting worse. I refuse to let it stop me. Everyone here has a cough or worse, it seems.
So tired. I keep wanting to write about things---the dragonflies, the moon, the look of the place, the plants---but I never seem to get to it.
Lights out, 5 minutes. I didn’t use to stay up this late. It was the diet cola.

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