Thursday, August 31, 2006

Rising Tide conference and blog

Rising Tide Blog explains its origins:
The Rising Tide Conference will be a gathering for all who wish to learn more and do more to assist New Orleans' recovery from the aftermath of the natural disasters of both Hurricane Katrina and Rita, the manmade disaster of the levee and floodwall collapses, and the incompetence of government on all levels.
The conference ran from August 25 to 27. From the one of the first posts after the conference, "Look what washed up":
Well the conference is over, and the Rising Tide Blog begins its roll. (Hey Po' Blog, want to join the party? You seemed into the idea.) Being a gathering of bloggers we even have some lovely detailed notes and quotes provided by both Maitri (the loud indian girl) and Scout Prime (one of our favorite adopted NOLABloggers. So as of this evening here are links to the posts made about the first Rising Tide: Matri -Liveblogging and retrospective presented with her legendary attention to detail. If you want the rundown on what you missed look here...
The blog relies a lot on wireless message posts, an interesting wrinkle, I think. Via "da po' boy", who distinguishes between two kinds of so-called "carpetblogging":
Carpetblogging should be defined as more than just “outsiders” blogging about a community. When we step out of our areas of expertise to comment on something that we feel is important, we all become outsiders to some degree. For example, I write about levees but I am no engineer. That doesn’t mean that my opinion should be instantly written off.

I think of carpetblogging as blogging from an outside perspective that shuts out local voices or hijacks the vehicles for local voices to be heard.


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