Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Arabi Wrecking Krewe

"Working to bring home the musicians." About Us:
In New Orleans parlance a krewe is a group of people who get together and put on a Mardi Gras parade. This is not an easy undertaking because there are innumerable logistical details to work out: a theme must be decided on, floats need to be designed and paid for, costumes have to be prepared. The Arabi Wrecking Krewe faces an even more daunting task bringing back the music, which means the musicians, because music here is a living, breathing thing, like those stately live oaks that still stand to line the boulevards.

Anyone who knows this city knows it is nothing without its soundtrack. We live, love, eat and even die to a rhythm that is uniquely ours, but that we gladly share with the world. In New Orleans our thoughts soar with the trumpets, our bodies sway with the saxophones, our feet tap to the drums, our hands move over imaginary ivories, and our voices join together for song. You can rebuild the levees, restore the power, bring back the barrier islands, but if the music doesn’t return, my New Orleans, your New Orleans, our New Orleans, will be gone forever.

The Arabi Wrecking Krewe has wrestled rotten refrigerators, pounded sodden sheet rock, bailed out flooded music rooms and sorted debris to find mementos of a past which some say can never be revived. Whatever your talents may be, we can use you, as an administrator, a carpenter, a fundraiser, a counselor or a friend.

So help us bring the musicians and the music back, and remember it is not just for those of us who call New Orleans home, because music knows no boundaries.
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