Thursday, August 31, 2006

Louisiana Diary, by riggsveda

This is a "home page" post for riggsveda's "Louisiana Diary" entries -- a single point of reference for other people to link to, if they like, and for readers to return to if they'd like to read the diary in sequence or skip to a particular entry. This post will be updated as new diary entries are added. The blurbs below are by no means a full description of each post, just a thumbnail phrase to jog the memory.
The entries are about riggsveda's work as a Red Cross volunteer in Louisiana, and were posted between 8/29/06 and 10/26/06.

EDIT, 9/14: post times summarized, blurbs added, subject to riggsveda's approval.


Blogger Thomas Nephew said...

Then as now: thanks for what you did, riggs.

10:31 AM  

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