Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More Katrina memoirs: N'Awlins Girl

N'Awlins Girl, "A Room of My Own, Part I":
The Thursday before Katrina, we were watching a small storm heading towards Florida or Alabama. Things changed the next evening. Usually, when a storm is coming, we are constantly glued to the television, sometimes for days. However, none of us were worried about this one. Even on Friday afternoon, I heard one of my co-workers say, “Are you leaving for this one?” Another answered, “Nah, no big deal. It’ll be like all the others.”

I left work on Friday afternoon, and on the way to my house, I heard the weather guys on the radio, and they had a bit more concern in their voice. I spent that night in stage one of hurricane-prep mode, on the phone in front of the television. [...]

Good Louisiana shoppers are raised with a mental checklist of hurricane supplies: batteries, bottled water, flashlights, candles, canned goods, etc. In Sav-A-Center, I found that I was one of the early ones this time. Usually, about three days before we get word of a storm, all of these things sell out. But this time, it was strange. The store was quiet, and there were plenty of supplies. The only other hurricane preparer that I met was from Eden Isles. We spent a few minutes discussing the importance of the scent of the candles we were purchasing. It is important – no one wants a rank-smelling candle providing your only light for days on end when your air conditioner is broken. I hope she is OK.
She's up to part IV now. "lesbontemps" coblogs with her at "The Second Line Continues."


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