Monday, November 14, 2005

Institute for Southern Studies: Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch

Who's watching the Gulf? We are:
While Gulf residents focus on picking up the pieces, a handful of powerful interests -- well-connected contractors, unscrupulous developers, ambitious politicians -- are cutting deals and hatching plans to capitalize on the disaster.

But who's watching them?

We are. Today, the Institute for Southern Studies and Southern Exposure have launched an
urgent new project to watch-dog what's happening in the Southern Gulf, and promote a more democratic and accountable future: Gulf Coast Reconstruction Watch.
The announcement is posted at the ISS "Facing South" blog. The organizers are hoping for support from surfers like you:
1) Be a Gulf Watcher: Active readers like you can help us find important news and leads. Send us an anonymous tip here:


2) Get Active: Reconstruction Watch will feature regular action steps you can take to support those working for a just and accountable rebuilding in the Gulf.

3) Support our Investigative Fund: Contributions from readers like you are what make our award-winning investigative reports and progressive voice possible.

Your support today will help us expand our coverage and increase the impact of Reconstruction Watch.


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