Sunday, September 11, 2005

Malik Rahim

From the San Francisco Bayview:

Malik Rahim, a veteran of the Black Panther Party in New Orleans, for decades an organizer of public housing tenants both there and in San Francisco and a recent Green Party candidate for New Orleans City Council, lives in the Algiers neighborhood, the only part of New Orleans that is not flooded. They have no power, but the water is still good and the phones work. Their neighborhood could be sheltering and feeding at least 40,000 refugees, he says, but they are allowed to help no one. What he describes is nothing less than deliberate genocide against Black and poor people.

There was about to be a riot in New Orleans, by Malik Rahim September 7, 2005 (unsure of date)

This is Criminal, by Malik Rahim September 1, 2005

Joel and Jacob, who are blogging from NOLA, are also there to help Mr. Rahim set up the communications center for his grassroots relief effort. More on that here.


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