Sunday, September 11, 2005

Blogger Disaster Respsonse Team in the Gulf: Lindsay, Bob and Kyle

Kyle is the Americablog correspondent on-site in the Gulf. He, Lindsay from Majikthise and Bob Brigham of everywhere, are sending back photos and commentary which we'll catalog in this post for convenience.

From Kyle:

Monday in New Orleans September 13, 2005 images only

Live from the Heart of New Orleans September 8, 2005

In Baton Rouge: Talking to Angry Evacuees and Pitching in to Help
September 9, 2005

Food Stamp Hell
September 10, 2005

Saturday in New Orleans September 11, 2005 photos of the city

Bush's Bodies September 11, 2005

The Thuderdome September 12, 2005 Report from a rescue/recovery mission. Photos included

From Lindsay:

Blogging a Disaster This link goes to a 9/20 Recording Katrina post referring to a Lyndsay post.

The Bus To Lafayette 9/15/05

Katrina has scattered families all over the United States. Family groups are determined to stick together now. They don't want to end up like so many other families with parents and children in different states.

Investigating Shelter Complaints September 13, 2005

We and our NAACP host recorded video statements from two Red Cross volunteers who were concerned about racial discrimination against shelter residents. Their primary complaint was about the unequal allocation of access to goods in the distribution center. It seemed to them that white families were getting preferential access to the donated items at the distribution center. Complaints through Red Cross channels provoked retaliation from the local Red Cross managers. One of the volunteers is being sent back to California with a bad evaluation, which means that she won't be allowed to work for the Red Cross again.

Hairathon for Katrina Evacuees

Over 300 Katrina evacuees received free shampoos, styles, relaxers, and haircuts today at the Alden School of Cosmetology in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Local barbers and beauticians and makeup artists volunteered for their time.


I didn't expect the Hairathon to be an emotional experience for me, but it was. The women seemed to glow and not just from the facials and perms. The Hairathon was a time for these women and their children to be cared for as individuals, rather than as members of a massive group.

Morgue Mishap September 11, 2005

Finally, the younger guard looks me in the eye and says: "As you know, there's a lot of things going on in the State of Louisiana right now. Y'all should be very careful." His colleagues nodded. Very careful. He went on.

"You realize that you could just get lost in prison for a while."

Flood Waters Recede

The smell of New Orleans is changing as the flood waters recede. On Thursday, the city smelled like urine, garbage, and gasoline. Now it smells even worse.


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