Saturday, September 10, 2005

"interdictor "

New Orleans, 9/6/05:
  • There are Chinook helicopters dropping water on a massive fire several blocks South of Lee Circle. Not sure what building it is, but they're making no progress. Hopefully it's being contained.
  • There's a massive police staging area on Canal Street right by the Casino. This looks to be the City's main HQ.
  • Sig and Crystal and I drove around taking pictures. It's insane. The Convention Center is an utter disaster. The trash and filth looks like a monument to the god of garbage. I've never seen anything like it. And the stench is horrendous.
  • Now that we've got our operation pretty much normalized, we're really starting to stabalize other companies' operations. I'm going to pull a server for the Pan American Life building (across the street from us) in a little bit and get them back on line. We've already secured computers and servers for several other businesses that operate in the area. We're glad to help, since we're already here. We don't need any more of a dent in the economy, and when you see the pics Sig is gonna put up tomorrow, you will see just how crazy things are in this city.
  • The 82nd Airborne is here in force. They're patrolling the city and guarding all the sites where there has been fire or looting. There's a massive military staging area near the Convention Center by the I-10.
  • Sig has some pics from yesterday up:
"interdictor" has been maintaining his blog during and after Hurricane Katrina, and remains in New Orleans as of today.


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