Friday, September 09, 2005

Houston, Colorado

Katrina: "Rape, murder, beatings" in Astrodome, say evacuees September 7, 2005

The "rape, murder, beatings" that are alleged to be commonplace in the Astrodome are a load of hooey. I've been volunteering since this past Saturday and I work the overnight shifts. While there may be isolated incidents of petty crime, there is heavy police presence everywhere.

FEMA evacuee site in CO like "concentration camp," says reporter

The signs on the buildings say "Community College of Aurora," though for now they're serving as an impromptu Camp Katrina. About 160 hurricane survivors are being housed in the dorms, surrounded by fences, roadblocks, security guards and enough armed police officers to invade Grenada.

There's a credentials unit to process every visitor, an intake unit to provide identification tags and a bag of clothes to every evacuee, several Salvation Army food stations, portable toilets, shuttle buses, a green army-tent chapel with church services three times a day and a communications team to keep reporters as far away from actual news as possible.

Astrodome: Danny Smith Sept. 7, 2005
He called the Oak Brook Apartment complex in Houston (Link to GMaps) and was told they have an open apartment. They then asked if he was a felon. Danny had a conviction in 2001 (I didn't ask for what) and told them he did. He was told that he would not be allowed to move in because they did not accept felons.


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