Saturday, January 06, 2007

At the Breaking Point

Nolalily writes at dKos that "Katrina ain't over. It's still there."

We're teetering on all out anarchy. Seriously. Our murder rate has soared due to many, many thugs (teens and young adults mostly) who have returned to the city without their parents.

Central City (which is the area which is, well, central in the city) has been completely empty since Katrina. Many of these thugs are squatting in abandoned houses. They are engaged in an all out drug war with rivals from New Orleans but worse, other parts of the country who were never here before.

Addicts and punks are robbing people in the populated parts when they need money. This brings crime into our backyard which is a small backyard to begin with.

Yesterday morning, around 5:30am, a doctor and his wife were shot in their home in the Marigny. They were a young couple with a 2-year old son. The husband had started a clinic for the poor and his wife, a Harvard graduate, was a filmmaker. Both were community activists, liberal and well-loved. He played in a band. She died. He collapsed in the doorway, after he was shot, holding his son in his arms. They were quite liberal and open.

Today, many of us are attending meetings concerning the city's welfare and there is a march on city hall planned for this Thursday.


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