Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Katrina Blog Project at Daily Kos

Kossacks have put together a collection of Katrina diaries under the Technorati tag, "Katrina Blog Project." It's a fantastic accumulation of images, first-person accounts and observations of the destruction of the Gulf Coast. I recommend taking time to read through the entire collection but I'll highlight some of the diaries that caught my eye here:

Katrina - The Abandonment of New Orleans features photos from New Orleans in the aftermath of the failure of the levees.

In Katrina Then and Now: A Bush Photo Op, luckydog visits two of the homes that BushCo toured, when he finally made it down to where, on his watch, a major American city had drowned.

Some diarists are posting journals they kept around the time of the disaster and during the clean-up, or re-posting diaries they wrote closer to the event. Coming Home features journal entries and photos from November and December of 2005. Some diaries, like Lakeview and the Ninth Ward, August 3, 2006 feature current photos and writing.

It's hard to tell the difference.

There is at least one diary about Mississippi.

azureblue posted a detailed timeline of the disaster dating back to budget cuts in 2001.

Let Them Walk out of Here revives the Shepherd Smith/Geraldo Rivera FOX News video, in which Smith and Rivera come face to face with what Starving the Beast means in human terms and break down under the weight of it, while Sean Hannity struggles to put their rage "in perspective."


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