Monday, May 22, 2006

Blogospherics of Nagin's re-election

Roy Edroso quotes Glenn Reynolds ("Instapundit"):
I predict substantially less support for New Orleans reconstruction. Betweeen the Louisiana delegation's absurd overreaching in demanding a huge amount of pork-laden funding, and this, they've managed to squander a lot of the sympathy that was present in in September. Louisiana's political class isn't just greedy -- it's greedy and stupid. Louisiana will pay the price. And probably complain of unfairness when it does.
...and comments:
It is interesting that the Perfesser portrays the voters of New Orleans as part of the "political class." Given the general American non-involvement in political decision-making, maybe they do qualify. From that point of view, voters who pull the wrong lever are as blameworthy as their politicians, and as deserving of retribution. In fact, from the Perfesser's formulation, we may further infer that the minority that did not vote to reelect Nagin -- and the rest of the state's residents, I guess -- deserve what they get, too.

Vote right or lose your Federal aid -- an intriguing new vision of political reform. It puts the Perfesser's Porkbusters enthusiasm in a whole new light.
Glenn Greenwald reviews some of the other unfavorable reactions to Nagin's re-election, and comments:
The people commenting on this municipal election have no idea why Nagin was re-elected. There are all sorts of reasons why that might have happened. Perhaps the voters thought he was not to blame for what happened with Katrina. Perhaps they thought he was heroic in how he stood up to the Federal Government and pinned the blame where it belonged. Perhaps they thought he did the best he could and was satisfied with his governance in other areas. Perhaps they had no faith in his opponent that he could do better. Those who are claiming that he was re-elected by a bunch of stupid black voters strictly on racial grounds have no idea whether that's true and they don't care either.

All they know is that they excitedly see an opportunity where they think this sort of spiteful racial commentary -- which is normally beyond the bounds of what is acceptable -- is permissible here, and they can't pass up the chance to spew playground epithets about Ray Nagin's race and about the intellectual level of the voters who re-elected him. These ugly sentiments are never far from the surface in many people and it doesn't take much for it to come spewing forth.


Blogger radiofreerome said...

I took classes with Mitch Landrieu at Jesuit Highschool. In fact I had civics class with him. I can't remember a single instance in which he voluntarily answered a question. He showed absolutely no interest in the philosophy of government, even though he was the son of a former mayor. Mitch had a reputation as a dullard then.

I can assure you that he's every bit as dim-witted as Ray Nagin and better connected to corrupt machine politics. All in all, Nagin probably is the lesser of two feebles.

10:34 AM  
Blogger Thomas Nephew said...

"Lesser of two feebles"! :) Thanks for that, and for your comment.

8:08 PM  

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